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Reds life storys

Boreing,abnomral,weird,normal stuff I encouter day to day

Pardon my Dust
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I never do seem to keep these things up. Life has been wellish for awhile, commissions have picked up, I did loose my dear Rosie not to long ago but the pain has past though I will always miss my love bug pibble. The husband thing has started up doing his chainmaile again, we need turning rods and wire for the mandril should be easy enough to get when I have the spare pocket money. I've started watching my old britcoms again and I'm starting to wonder if this is why I talk funny, I went to my first fur con a few months ago, made some lovely friends I really want to do it again next year. Well I have nothing else I really want to say so yeah that's it for now maybe I'll write again soon.

Pissed Beyond Words at the Uncaring Cruelty
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Originally posted by hoppytoad79 at Pissed Beyond Words at the Uncaring Cruelty
Originally posted by kylecassidy at post
Via Citykitties (emphasis mine):

A good samaritan found this cat today in a gutter by Clark Park, half dead. He is now at the Cat Doctor with a body temperature of 90 (normal is 102) and blood PCV of 8. The Cat Doctor housecat, Diamond, is currently donating blood to save his life. During the exam, the vet found that this cat has a microchip. When called, his "owners" reported that he was acting sick, so they put him outside. If this makes you as angry as it makes us, please channel your anger in one of two ways: visit our website at www.citykitties.org and make a donation to help us pay for his care, or share this post and encourage others to do so.

Click to donate.

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I do not get how anyone who would bother to chip their cat would be so uncaring as to put a sick cat outside in winter. Does not compute. I know there are @ssholes who do that kind of thing, and they generally can't be assed to take their cat to the vets for regular care, never mind chipping. *shrugs* That's neither here nor there. The humans who did this are scum.

happy hollween! Throw candy at kids!
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Happy Halloween!(im sober now...lets see here)

I’ve yelled at a lot of people this year, because I've taken to reading parenting articles, for whatever reason I think its to get a parenting fix (note to self: adoption is hard) but three’s (yes..only three) been so many WHINY fucking articles “Halloween’s to scurry for mah poor spoohel snowflake kid!TONE IT DOWN NAO SO LITTLE FLUFFY ISNT SCURED!”(did I just decide fluffy was a good name for a kid??..okay then) “Candy is evil!” “Girls dress like sluts!” “Halloween isn’t a regliogus holiday!!” and it just annoys me.(..well whatever a regliogus holiday is..im sure it is one..)

That and I’ve taken to not  holding my toung. (because that has everything to do with...nothing?)

On a random note: if your gonna rob a bank..don’t use a gun you found in the trash..i could be a fake cap gun, and then they will shoot you. (right...)

Also, Ive been drinking..some how I think I'm going to laugh at this in he morning (I did..ohh drunk self I did)

Its not like I have any readers to offend so fuckit (thats pretty much true..)

My Brain pan hates me
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I feel like I should wright in this more, I have a lot of random things building up in my head pan
But of coarse the moment I try to write something my brain screams at me “NOOO! YOU MUST NOT DO ANYTHING THAT MAY HELP YOUR MENTAL STATE!” and I’m all “What the hell brain? WHY MUST YOU TORMENT ME SO!?” and its all “because I'm a bitch like that and if you where fully able in the brainpan I would get bored” and I’m all “okay well I'm sorry a decently working me makes you bored but its your fault your all creative and shit.” And then I realize I’m having a conversation with my brain and how crazy that seems but I swear I’m totally not as crazy as I seem..
You don’t believe me do you?
Fine be that way, one day I’ll get the award for most sane person in the world and you’ll be all “well damn I was SO wrong. .I should go give her money… And booze”
Well maybe not, I’m not even sure if that’s a real award…but if it is I’d so win it I’m that sane.

omg...the heat..
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As you may or may not know I live in Texas,our AC craped out, the repair dude (who is one of the..questionable guys employed by my rather naive landlord) comes, oh okay you need to get a part? okay..be sure to hurry back we're all dieing here!
Oh, you'll be back this afternoon. awesome!
Okay, so you didn't come back, not so awesome but maybe something came up we can deal for a day right?
Nope..still not here..I hope his family is okay
Ohai der mr landlord!,he'll be here no later then seven  tonight? Awesome!
Oh..not here..still..come on..its been three days..IVE  BEEN SLEEPING WITH A FROZEN WATERJUG!

Okay, give me his personal number I'll bug his ass every hour on the hour intill he comes back.

Im dieing...someone magic this guy to come

the ending
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between her looking stunned i piped in with "Well your in the wrong place anit you! I bet you feel stupid" witch is what caused him to huff and puff.
and now you know!

O.o awesome
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Prowler7 on furaffinity is the awesomeness kindest person in the whole while world
that is all

(no subject)
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Whoo fun fun. its been ages and i really should pick up writing again.
lots of things have gone on recently. I got a new keyboard and mouse and there awesomely wireless. Z is letting me borrow her flat screens while shes away. we got the bike back here witch is good. means we can start working on her. stick-man is getting a new comp so he can work more on his 3d stuffige. hell life's been good. the new kittens are getting along wonderfully even though the white one has a small eye infection, we're taking care of it and he is getting better. the others are happy and healthy and have a thing for licking my foot. i have no idea why. there all growing like weeds.

Oh I got guildwars again witch is of corse the Awesome. me and Z have been playing and shes getting good at it. one day I'll have to send her into the wild world of PVP.

W.T.H peoples
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rant rant rant
A friend of mine was harassed on stream she blocked like 11 people before she had to shut it off.
guys just because it does in fact possess real female boobs doesn't mean its going to take off its shirt for your sick and perverted amusements, that's what pay-cams are for, you want boobs go there
normally it would be amusing if he had been injest,or a onetime thing but 11 people..honestly?
im not a feminist, i dont go into girl rage, but that's just rude..i mean say you had a cat and people screamed at you to fuck it..be pretty tiring after awhile wouldn't it, beastalty is a sexual fetish just like "show me yer tits" SMYT maybe less illegal.yes,less disturbing to some,yes but doesn't mean its not a fetish and trying to force someone to play into your fetish is just as annoying

End of rant

other then that the last few days have been good, we got off track of our sleep schedule but oh well, my tablet got sent out on the forth so it should be here Farly soon, watched how to train your dragon, it was a cute movie the dragons looked alil wonky but meh, its not like dragons have a standered way to look
stick-man has started making 3-d pulshies, hes doing one of me and so far its cute!
mums computer is officially dead, but on the upside the hard-drives fine so maybe twig can get a bigger hard-drive once we get mom a new comp
the new van is working fine now, just needed some sealant, we need to replace (hopefully just replace not rewire) a headlight and some light covers before we can get it inspected and legal to drive
Btw a deer hit it, that's why the light and covers need replacing...and yes i mean hit it, jumped out of the forest and ran head into the passenger side,got a antler suck in the hood and decapitated itself..fun huh? I feel kinda sad about the deer but it really should know you cant pass threw solid objects, I'd feel worse if the owners at the time hit the deer, but it hit them..
Oh! they other day we finely caught the damned icecream truck(ever since we moved it it would speed down our street never slow enough for us to get him to stop) the sour benders aren't sour at all...

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Not that anyone reads but sorry for not posting in ever, life's been hectic, and i just keep forgetting to write it down, I guess i can sumerise
Broke, broker then broke, sister and her husband wouldn't muster up the will to come over and give us the money they owe us so we could eat, prowler saved us, thankfully, today's payday, so when dad gets home we get to go shopping maybe i can get more lemon-aid powder
tablets dead, sentivty has gone all over the place, at times i can mash it into the tablet and it refuses to pick up, others i can hold it two inches away and still have it draw, mum agreed to buy a new tablet yay,
decided burnos probably a boxer or boxer mix, got lets a rabbit would envy
decided i want a mini lop bun when i can afford one
cant think of anything else